Epic Wellness Clinic

We provide psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families

Nutrition Services

Initial Nutrition Consultation
A full evaluation will be conducted during this session
Discussion of your diet and eating habits, exercise routine, water intake, stress level, sleep pattern, bowel movements, blood work (if appropriate) and medications, vitamins and supplement intake
Diet & exercise modifications
Setting short-term and long-term goals
Weight & measurements taken to monitor progress
1-hour session

Follow Up (single session)
Check-in to review progress
Discuss barriers faced
Begin the next step to your nutrition journey
Weight & measurements taken to monitor progress
45min to 1-hour session

Additional Services:
Supermarket Tour
Personalized Meal Plan
Cooking Lesson – approximately 1-2 hours
Food Intolerance Test (FIT Test) – a finger prick blood test to identify IgG food allergies
Extensive review of FIT test results with personalized nutrition recommendations