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Top Five Tips for a Stress-Free Divorce

Divorce is a major life-changing decision that has far-reaching emotional and financial implications. However, during the process of a divorce, it is imperative that you do not let your heart rule your head.

Here are five top tips for managing the process in a stress-free manner that facilitates balanced decisions.

Make sure you’ve given it your best shot
Before you walk away from your marriage, take time to reflect on whether there is a chance of saving it. Be honest with yourself: Have you done everything you possibly can to make your marriage work? While you may be finding it difficult at present, it there’s a chance you can reconcile, seize it. You don’t want to be one of the many couples who look back on the decisions they have made and regret them. Although ending a marriage is far from easy, if you’re certain that it’s the right decision, you will certainly find the process less emotional.

Focus on moving forward
Now you are safe in the knowledge that you’ve given it your all to make the marriage work, you can commit to finalizing the divorce as quickly and painlessly as possible. Try and adopt a business-like approach to the steps involved in finalizing the divorce. Of course, it’s inevitable that you will encounter some feelings of sadness, bitterness, and anger at times; however, you need to ensure you don’t allow these emotions to cloud your judgement. It is imperative that you make sound decisions that are in the best interests of yourself and any children involved without further igniting any feelings of resentment.

Acknowledge that it might not be smooth sailing
Personal growth is derived from taking the rough with the smooth. Some days you may feel that the emotions you are encountering are unbearable. Don’t be tempted to self-medicate in the form of alcohol or even drugs. If it is all becoming too much, take a break from the divorce process to give yourself chance to deal with your emotions. Acknowledge that suffering is an unavoidable part of life and allow yourself the space and time to deal with that suffering without making poor decisions that are borne out of a desire to get closure as quickly as possible.

Set aside no-divorce time
Continually pondering your divorce will not make it any easier or quicker. In fact, it is only likely to make you increasingly miserable. Develop a no-divorce time rule to compartmentalize times during the day when divorce is not to be discussed and contemplated; for example, after 7 pm. Use this time to focus on yourself, your children, and your friends. By allowing yourself to have regular breaks from the divorce, you will give yourself time to revitalize and will be in a much stronger mental state when you are required to make decisions or negotiate the terms of the divorce.

Look after yourself
From this moment onward, take time to take care of you. Eat properly, exercise, and find time and space to participate in the activities you enjoy. If necessary, find a therapist who you can openly discuss your emotions with. If you allow your emotion to rule your head and don’t get enough sleep and relaxation, your judgement will be impaired and you’re likely to make decisions you will regret.

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